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Technology Readiness Evaluation

Technology Readiness Levels were first used by NASA to ensure that their communications were accurate and based on agreed principles.  Whilst TRLs have since been adapted for many different environments, the basic principles remain the same.  The EC Horizon 2020 programme uses the basic definitions shown here.  TRL is one of the eligibility criteria for many calls, the SME Instrument for example funds TRL5-6, whilst Innovation and Research Action calls fund at TRL2-3. 

When you engage with SMISH for proposal writing or support services, TRL Evaluation is included in our offering.  The first thing we do with our clients is to agree the TRL of your technology in line with UK Automotive standards (far right) which indicate the tasks you must have completed to achieve each level.   

All you need to provide us with is a brief description of your technology, an outline of any works necessary to develop or demonstrate it, and TRL evidence in the form of reports, CAD, photos and/or videos.

Technology Readiness Level is also available as part of our Pick'N'Mix innovation service for £400 (+VAT)