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Full Proposal Writing Service                                                                     

If you have a great idea but are too busy running your business to write your own grant application, this is the service for you.  Our full service will be tailored to your needs, the call requirements and the time available.  If you have market data available or have had a patent search carried out recently, we are happy to use those, if not, we can provide them.  Full service engagements are priced individually and may include some or all of the following: 

  • Technology Readiness Level Evaluation
  • State of the Art Review - Benchmarking your technology against your competitors
  • Manufacturing Readiness Level Evaluation
  • What and Why Workshop - who needs your product and why will they buy it?
  • Market Quantification & Research
  • Partner Identification, Evaluation & Recruitment
  • Where, When, How and Who Workshop - identifying project & human resources required, budget planning
  • Proposal Writing
  • Creation of 2-3D CAD and graphics
  • Collection & collation of project and partner administration information
  • Partner portal registration support
  • Upload of proposals to electronic portals
  • External, Third Party Objective Review
  • Revisions to proposal based on review 
  • Contract Negotiation support

100 Hours Support                                                                                                                                                                                                        

80 hours of our time and a two stage external review.  This product is designed to support those of you who want to write your own proposal but need some help.   You can use this time to cherry pick support from the full service list or our Pick'N'Mix products as you need it.  Be warned - whilst this is our most popular and cost effective service for established companies, it can be addictive.  For that reason, we are now offering extension packs so rather than paying for extra time by the hour, you can buy blocks of 24 hours at a discounted rate.  

  • Main Group Analysis - A view of the CPC codes around your technology, very useful if you are engaging in technology transfer
  • Technology Analysis - Shows other sectors where similar patents are being applied for or granted
  • ​Activity Analysis - Shows the frequency at which patents are being applied for in this area over the past 20 years
  • Domain Analysis - Indicates the different domains associated with your patent pool - useful for comment suppliers and integrators with problems to solve as it can identify owners of solutions

Proposal Writing Services