Innovation & Strategy


Whilst the purpose of most grant applications is to secure funding for research and development, it should be remembered that the vast majority of products, never come to market.

A key reason for this is the failure of inventors and small companies to realise what is involved in commercialisation.   Before you can sell anything, you will need to manufacture it.  If you can't do that how will you proceed?

By ascertain your Manufacturing Readiness Level we can help you to avoid the "Valley of Death" and define your commercialisation strategy.  It may be that manufacturing isn't for you?  In which case, MRL evaluation can be a useful tool for demonstrating your product's potential to potentially licensees.   

When you engage with SMISH for proposal writing or support services, MRL Evaluation is included in our offering where appropriate.  The levels of evidence required to demonstrate each MRL are shown right. 

All you need to provide us with is a brief description of your technology, an outline of any works necessary to develop or demonstrate it, and MRL evidence in the form of reports, CAD, photos and/or videos.

Manufacturing Readiness Level Evaluation is also available as part of our Pick'N'Mix innovation service for £400 (+VAT)  

Manufacturing Readiness Evaluation