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Intellectual Property Services

Freedom to Operate Patent Search 

Designed to give you the confidence to commence product development or apply for grant funding;

  • Using your product and sector knowledge and our patent search experience, identify and agree appropriate search terms 
  • A Search Term Test will be carried out using a known patent from your sector to identify any relevant Custom Procedure Codes (CPC codes)
  • Searches based on any Patents you are seeking to exploit will be carried out to ascertain backwards/forwards citations made since grant.
  • Broad & Focussed Patent searches are then made using both public and private professional databases.  
  • We will then produce a 5-10 page report covering our findings; Table of Results, Full list of Patents/Applications identified (title and number), Top Hits list of patents with the potential to restrict your Freedom to Operate (including Title, Abstract, Key Claims & Drawings where available). 

Patent Landscape Evaluation (Must be conducted immediately after Freedom to Operate Search)

Further analysis can be carried out to help you clearly identify the landscape you wish to operate in and indicate development or competition;

  • Main Group Analysis - A view of the CPC codes around your technology, very useful if you are engaging in technology transfer
  • Technology Analysis - Shows other sectors where similar patents are being applied for or granted
  • ​Activity Analysis - Shows the frequency at which patents are being applied for in this area over the past 20 years
  • Domain Analysis - Indicates the different domains associated with your patent pool - useful for comment suppliers and integrators with problems to solve as it can identify owners of solutions

European Design Rights Application 
Registering European Design Rights is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting basic designs, logos and artwork available. We can help by;

  • Creating your application
  • Collating application information and completing administration forms
  • Uploading of required drawings
  • ​Liaison with granting body and rectification of issues identified during evaluation

If you need drawings creating, we offer 2D & 3D CAD services

With regard to technical and commercial assessment, while SMISH Ltd and take every care to ensure the validity and completeness of the searches and analysis undertaken for clients, the results should not be considered absolute and the risk remains with the client.  Where known, limitations of assessment, knowledge or judgments are noted in reports.

These IP assessments are intended as the first stage of identifying the IPR status of a product or concept in order to develop a strategy for its exploitation.  They are not a cheap alternative to the services of a certified patent agent or patent lawyer, whom we would recommend should be consulted if there is concern in regards to the validity of a patent claim.