Innovation & Strategy

Our team have many years experience of delivering grant funding, business innovation, growth and new product development.  

MAIN areas covered 




  • Processing & Packaging

  • CONTAMINATED land & Water

  • environmental technologies

  • Waste, water & effluent

  • sustainable energy

SMISH Associates

Years of experience: 100+
Aside from our core team, SMISH work with a range of associates across the UK and Europe.  We draw our expertise from some of the best companies, universities and research institutes around to ensure our clients have the best available teams supporting them.

​We are currently working with experts in Aerodynamics, Human Ergonomics, CAD design, Stress Modelling amongst other disciplines.

If you are interested in working with us, say hello!


sian mitchell

Years of experience: 20
Position: Founding Partner

Sian's claim to fame is having put the real cheese in Wotsits back when she was Quality Information Systems Manager for Pepsico.  Since then she's gone on to secure a patent for reducing waste in pastry production, deliver over €50m of SME focussed collaborative R&D and secure over €6m of funding for clients in the areas of automotive, contaminated land & water, energy and sustainability.

robin mitchell

Years of experience: 20
Position: Founding Partner

A confirmed Shed Head, Robin spent 10 years in property maintenance and now helps clients with early stage prototypes and fixes the things the rest of us break.  Robin is also a talented chef, having won awards from Raymond Blanc for his regional cuisine.  He keeps us supplied with cake, a vital element in business innovation.

Our Core Team...